Sunday, October 18, 2009

FallCon Highlights

It's way too late for a FallCon report at this point, but howzabout I show you some of the pictures I took? The entire Flickr set has more, but here are some highlights.

First, some friends and co-workers.

Grant Gould, pausing to refresh.

Darla Ecklund, who drew the Hitchcock-inspired inside front cover to Cownt Tales.

Alex Ness, my frequent co-conspirator, holding a copy of the Lancelot book I wrote the intro to.

Tyler Page, Cori Doerrfeld, and their couldn't-be-cuter daughter. I picked up the latest volumes of Nothing Better and Stylish Vittles from Tyler and the two children's books that Cori illustrated for Brooke Shields.

Adam Hansen is hilarious and his Rooster Jack books are too. That goat mask is not only fully functional, but also an exact replica of the ones the goat-people wear in The Visible Rooster Jack.

As for me, I'm a sucky photographer. Nice flash glare, May.

I mentioned the other day that one of my major highlights was meeting some of the fantastic people who read this blog. One of them was this beautiful woman dressed as Magdalena. She said she'd been looking for me because she knew me from the blog. I must've been too stunned to speak, because she went on to explain that I've linked to her a few times. That's when the lightbulb went on.

"Are you Meagan?" I said. Because I totally link to Meagan Van Burkleo's blog every chance I get.

She confirmed that she was and was nice enough to let me take a picture with her. Sorry it's blurry.

Here's a slightly less blurry one without the ridiculous writer. You can see her costume much more clearly on her blog. It's really pretty unbelievable, as is all her stuff.

Another cosplayer I have to mention is this gal dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The first time Paul, Jess, and I saw her, she was walking down an aisle, carrying that basket, and reading some manga. We couldn't tell if she was intentionally in character or not, but it was so appropriate to her costume that we all kicked ourselves and each other for not having cameras ready.

Fortunately, she came by later and we talked to her for a bit. Turns out that she wasn't reading to be in character, she was doing it because that's what she does. She was dressed as Belle because she reads so much that people are always comparing her to Belle. She was very sweet.

All in all, a great show on both professional and personal levels. I had a blast hanging out with old friends and making some new ones. Unfortunately, I didn't carry my camera around with me enough and missed taking some pictures of folks like Brent Schoonover, Brandon Terrell, Sam Hiti, my buddy Charles from House of Duck, Mike Bullock, and Martin Powell. Gah. Now that I've tried to list some of them, I know I'm forgetting someone.

Anyway, I was wiped out physically by the end of it, but totally rejuvenated creatively. I'd say that I can't wait for next year, but there's so much that needs to be done before then that I'm glad to have the time.

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Austin Gorton said...

I was one of the MCBA volunteers, and I meant to come over and say hello, but never got the chance.

Well, I did come over with my wife to pester all you great creators for stuff for the charity art auction, but I meant to come over in a non "business" capacity and let you know how much I enjoy the blog.

Ah well, there's always next year!


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