Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday Night Art Show: Tentacles of Death!

Monster of the Caverns

Artist Unknown [Poulpe Pulps]

The Little Mermaid

By J. Scott Campbell [Admiral Calvin]

An affinity for anatomical drawing

By Mitchell Hooks [Today's Inspiration]

Love in the Jungle

Artist Unknown [The FictionMags Index]

Jungle Girl

By [Sketchy Business]

Terror Trap!

Artist Unknown [American Pulps and Magazines]


Artist Unknown [Jon Knutson]

Li'l Gotham

By Dustin Nguyen. [Robot 6]

Lifesize Sasquatch

I don't know who made that, but I want one! [Brother Calvin]


By Dylan McCrae. [Kirby-Vision]

Space Girl

Don't know who she is, but [Brother Calvin] found her.


Wings1295 said...

Sweet stuff!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Once again you hit me where I live. I appreciate the shout out as always my 'brother from another mother'.

Anonymous said...

space girl's a cutter :/


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