Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A few words about why I'm not sticking with NCIS: Los Angeles

I’ve never watched an episode of NCIS, so I have no idea why it’s popular enough to warrant a spin-off. I especially don’t know why it’s so popular if it’s anything like NCIS: LA. It’s not that it’s a horrible show or anything, but with my plate already full of excellent mystery shows like House, Castle, Flash Forward, The Mentalist, and Psych it’s hard to get excited by one that’s merely average.

I like LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell, but I’m not feeling the chemistry between them and the rest of the cast is pretty dull. I’ve got no idea what Linda Hunt’s leadership style is supposed to be or why her team seems to respect her so much. If I wasn’t already watching five other great mystery shows, I’d probably stick with this one just to fill the genre need. Since I’m not hurting in that area though, I’m gonna let NCIS: LA go.

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mugmoni said...

It is well tanned but very pale in comparison to the original. :) I think you would be better served starting at the beginning of the original if you want a new show - though it does not seem like you need one. ~.O


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