Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Night Art Show: Robot Dogs! If Magic doesn't work on them -- I'm sunk!


By James Jean. This is just a detail. Click the image or the link to see the whole, glorious thing.

I Dive for Treasure

Artist unknown [Poulpe Pulps]

Under the Sea

By Eric Tan.


By Sam Nielson. [Avalanche Software Art Blog]

Island Sunrise

By Gene Gonzales.

A Gorilla Who is Not a Gorilla, But a Man

By Osborne. [American Pulps and Magazines]

Savage Batman

By Phil Noto, from the upcoming Batman/Doc Savage Special. [The Source]


By Scott Burroughs.

Between Worlds

By Small [The FictionMags Index]

The House of Awesome

Artist unknown [Brother Calvin]

Magicman vs. the Wizard of Science

By Pete Costanza. [Jon Knutson]


By TheGreatArchitect. [FreakingNews]


By Trev Murphy.

Doc's Justice League

By Evan "Doc" Shaner, who should totally be writing (and drawing) Justice League of America.

One Super-Awesome Team

By Sean Murphy. [Robot 6]

1 comment:

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

OMG that team is spectacular...finally some imagination. When is THAT movie coming out?


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