Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stuff to Watch For: Cloverfield and The Hobbit


It's a few days old now, but there's a nice, long preview of Cloverfield making the rounds. I was worried that they'd go for that grainy, amateurish, Blair Witch look, but it really looks good. And I love the man-on-the-street perspective. It helps you experience what it might actually be like in a giant monster attack. I'm hoping it'll be to Godzilla movies what Marvels was to superhero comics.

My only concern is whether they'll be able to keep that approach interesting for the length of a feature movie, but I tend to trust JJ Abrams. And director Matt Reeves is also doing a good job of making it sound cool.

The Hobbit

Sounds like Peter Jackson is involved with the Hobbit movie again. At least as an executive producer, but they're not saying that he's not directing yet. And apparently they're splitting the story into two movies, which bodes well for stuff like Beorn, Gandalf's encounter with Thorin's dad, and the Necromancer making it in.

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