Monday, December 03, 2007

Putting the adventure back in Adventureblog

The latest installment of my Blogarama column, "Fringe Benefits," is up. It's a review of B. Clay Moore and Steven Griffin's Hawaiian Dick: Byrd of Paradise.

I'm going to move away from the theme days format I've been using here for the last few months or however long it's been. It was a useful system for organizing posts, but I've gotten bored with it. So now, instead of saving up links and topics until the appropriate theme day, I'll be talking about things as they occur to me or I run across them.

I'm also gonna try to do less link-blogging in general and replace it with more actual content. Naturally, if I run across something cool I'll still want to talk about it, but you probably won't see links to every new giant monster video game or statue that comes out anymore. Basically, I want to make this place more spontaneous, exciting, and well, adventuresome.

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