Friday, December 28, 2007

Stuff to Watch For: Chloe and Captian Action come to comics

"She's got to have a different spin."

I have mixed feelings about Chloe's joining the supporting cast of Superman comics. On the one hand, it's something I've been hoping to see since about the second season of Smallville. On the other hand, the whole reason I love the character so much was because of her unrelenting loyalty to Clark even though he didn't return her feelings, and that's exactly the thing they're taking away from her comics version.

It's probably not a coincidence that I've become less and less interested in Smallville since Chloe moved on from Clark and started dating Jimmy Olsen either.

Gettin' some Action

Here's another one I've got mixed feelings about, but this time for purely selfish reasons. I pitched Moonstone on their new Captain Action license and lost out to Fabian Nicieza. Which is no reason to be embarrassed, for sure. But part of me is curious to see what Nicieza came up with, and the other part is naturally thinking that there's no way it could be as cool as mine. Either way though, I'm really curious to check out the #0 issue in April.

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