Monday, December 10, 2007

New Stuff to Watch For: Avatar by Lisa Paitz Spindler

Lisa Paitz Spindler is a science fiction writer among other things. I discovered her blog when she linked to some of my Wonder Woman posts, and I'm glad I did. The Wonder Woman link was part of a continuing feature she calls Danger Gal Friday, which is chock full of kickbutt ladies. Some of them (like Starbuck, Ripley, and Elizabeth Swan) I'm familiar with, but she's a lot more widely read than I am and includes plenty of women whom I now want to know a lot more about (Chaz Bergren, Parrish Plessis, and Jenny Casey, for instance). It's well worth browsing through.

And Paitz Spindler's tastes in heroines lines up with mine well enough that I'm really looking forward to seeing her published. She's got a few works in progress, but it looks like Avatar is done and her description of it makes me want to read it:

"When dispatched to distant Ico, Kinship spy Jana Rajam is captured and forced to share her mind with the memories of a long-dead warrior queen. Once escaped, Rajam finds herself thrown between a far-reaching conspiracy to reclaim a lost golden age and a bid to control a narcotic that could enslave or liberate the Iconnu.

"A queen must have a consort, and religious leader Brannon Bayne has spent a lifetime living up to the memories he carries of the ancient monarch’s renowned general. A half-breed caught between two cultures, Bayne must convince Jana to help him forge a peace before solar flares ravage the planet.

"AVATAR tells the story of a spy’s redeeming mission, a revered leader’s desperate journey, and a warring planet’s only hope."


Lisa said...

Hi Michael!

Thank you so much for posting about my site and Avatar. I do certainly hope that it will be published soon. When that happens (I'm an optimist) I'll be sure to let you know.

I really enjoy your blog. Your Warrior Women posts, and especially your information on Wonder Woman, make me want to start reading comics.

I'm always looking for suggestions for Danger Gal profiles, so if you have any from the comic book world, I'd love hear them.


Michael May said...

Thanks, Lisa!

There are lots of great Danger Gals in comics, so I'll give some thought to a list and comment on your blog.


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