Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Night Fights: Hulk vs. Thing!

Our story opens as General Ross brings in the Fantastic Four to deal with a certain, jolly, green giant. It's important to know that nobody's figured out that the Hulk is actually one of Ross' scientific team... yet.

But when the FF finally meet up with ol' Jade Jaws, the Thing...

...starts to figure... out.

Uh oh, Hulk. He's on to you. What're you gonna do now?


Don't worry though. Before long, everyone's friends and the Hulk and Thing are comparing muscles.

Hulk... never change, buddy.

Bahlactus SMASH!

Check out Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #29 for more smashy action.


Anonymous said...

I love the depictions of the Thing and the Hulk. I'm a huge fan of their rivalery. Well done. The last page is my favorite.

John Cimino said...

Check this out for "Hulk vs Thing"!


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