Saturday, December 01, 2007

"Stuff Nobody Cares About But Me" Saturday

Just have some odds and ends that don't fit in the regular week's blogging, but I think are cool anyway.

Not the Engine.

Warren Ellis' new message board
is open for business.

that's heroism.

This story's almost a month old, but it's amazing enough that I still want to share. A fourteen year old kid jumps onto railroad tracks to save a stranger.

Kevin should make a whole blog about this.

Samuel L. Jackson's Book Club.

Cool Blog of the Week

Covering the Mouse: a blog full of covers of Disney songs. Hours of fun.

Change the World, Start at Home

Three projects on Saint Paul's East Side (where I live) are competing with projects in nine other cities for help from HGTV's
new program Change the World, Start at Home – and the public decides who gets the help. I'm not going to pretend that Saint Paul is more deserving than any of the other cities, but it's certainly a neighborhood that can use some help.

From November 8 to December 21 your votes will help win support for three local projects that feature a mixture of historic preservation, community, education, and environmental improvement, including:

  • Helping a Dayton's Bluff (my neighborhood) family with an unfinished home renovation. As far as I know, that's not mine. We're doing our kitchen, but that's pretty much up to us.
  • Transforming the grounds of the Wilder Recreation Center/City Academy building.
  • Restoring and interpreting the ecological and cultural resources in the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary.

Click here to vote for Saint Paul.

Click here to read about the Saint Paul projects.

This isn't me, but...

Michael May and the Messarounds are playing the Lager House in Detroit tonight. Somebody go and tell me how they did.

No, Matthew! NOOOOOOO!

From Studio 60 to this? The adult in a child's body deal is lame enough, but it also means he's playing second fiddle in a frickin'
Zac Efron movie. I had great hopes for Matthew Perry's post-Friends career and his makes me very sad.

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