Monday, January 29, 2007

The Wookiee Strikes Back

Comics journalist/creator Chris Arrant posted a link in his blog to this article that reinterprets the original Star Wars trilogy in light of the prequels. I just did something like that myself, but this writer is a lot more coherent than I was.

I don't think that his conclusions are necessarily the inevitable ones, but I like them. Especially since they make my two favorite Star Wars characters, Chewie and Artoo, into the real heroes of the Rebellion.


West said...

Yeah. That was pretty interesting (and I'm not even a big fan).

Btw, were you offended by my post (the one to which you recently responded)?

Michael May said...

The one about "sir" and "ma'am?" Nuh uh. Not at all.

I know where your head's at enough to not get offended by you even if we disagree on something. You might choose some "controversial" (I prefer "interesting") topics to discuss, but I've never seen you be judgmental about other people's opinions.

Blogger is VERY touchy lately about letting me reply to comments (even on my own blog), so if I don't reply to something that you expected me to, that's likely all that's going on.


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