Friday, January 05, 2007

To Read: Thrilling Detective Heroes

Chalk up another Wish Lish entry thanks to Bookgasm, and specifically to novelist/Bookgasm contributor Ed Gorman. Last month, Ed reviewed Thrilling Detective Heroes, an anthology of B- and C-list detective stories in which "protagonists... are differentiated from the other protagonists through some kind of angle or gimmick" and "good vs. evil (is fought) with prim good girls and sexy bad girls, told in short explosive scenes that race toward even more explosive endings."

"There’s also," Ed says, "a long and really engrossing introduction that charts the history of the thrilling pulps."


JoeKinski said...

This sounds like a real winner. Now, if only the bills weren't so high that I need the money for the bills and the time to work to amke th emoney to pay the bills ... I would have enough time and money to get this one. Ha!

The intro sounds like the best part to me. Looking at the cover, I think I have all the Race Williams stories somewhere. You don't mention it specifically ... and the collection doesn't seem to necessarily refer to it .. but I loves me the "defective detective" subgenre where the detective is characterized by some physical or mental deformity... oh those wacky 30s....

Michael May said...

"oh those wacky 30s"

That shoulda been the subtitle to the book. :)


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