Monday, January 08, 2007

Link du Jour: Gail Simone

I've talked about Gail Simone before on this blog, so I'll keep it brief this time. Gail took over writing DC's Birds of Prey comic at a time when I was struggling to stay interested in it. I'd started reading Birds of Prey because I was a Black Canary fan and she was a cast member, but the focus of the series was usually on someone else. Gail changed that and not only gave my favorite character more attention; she also did great things with the dialogue, giving the all-female team a sort of Sex in the City/Gilmore Girls vibe.

Gail's said a couple of times that her success with the series is due to her caring so much about the characters in it. It's that attention to fun and interesting characters that makes me such a fan of her work; not just Birds of Prey, but all of it. She knows how to create an intriguing plot too, but I'd be perfectly happy reading an issue in which she had a bunch of characters do nothing but have lunch.

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West said...

Although I've not enjoyed BoP in a while, I've felt that way about Gail's work many times, in the past.

That last line is high praise, indeed - and pretty well deserved, at that (even if she and I don't get along).


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