Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy MLK Day (and HND Day, too)

Even though he's outside the realm of what I usually talk about here, I feel like acknowledging the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who makes me well up every time I think about him for too long. It makes me sad that men like him and John and Bobby Kennedy didn't live long enough that people of my generation could've been more directly influenced by them instead of having to make due with their words. Still, words are powerful, and I'm thankful that we have those. But what a tragedy that a few f***holes robbed us of more time with the men.

In light of that, it almost seems frivolous to also mention that today is the anniversary of when Victor Hugo finished writing The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Or maybe not. If you only think about Lon Chaney movies and Disney musicals, maybe so, but Hugo's original novel is powerful stuff and touches on some of the same themes -- like acceptance and forgiveness -- that King and the Kennedys embraced.

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