Friday, January 19, 2007

John Carter: live-action or animated?

I meant to post this yesterday as an update to the earlier mention of a John Carter movie, but ran out of time. Anyway, The Hollywood Reporter adds some details to the story, like the fact that Disney already had the rights to the property through most of the '90s when they were hoping to adapt it as an animated feature (sort of like they did with Tarzan).

At some point, the project became a live-action movie and Paramount ended up with the rights in 2002. Several directors were attached to it at various times under Paramount's care: Robert Rodriguez (Spy Kids, Sin City), Kerry Conrad (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow), and Jon Favreau (Zathura, Iron Man), for example. Apparently, Paramount let the property go last year and it was homeless until last month when Pixar started showing interest.
Pixar's involvement re-opens the question about whether or not Disney plans to turn John Carter into a live-action franchise as Edgar Rice Burroughs' estate says (and Variety reported), or an animated feature. Disney's keeping quiet about it for now.

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houseofduck said...

I think I might have to sit down later tonight and come up with some Carter in Disney style sketches...


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