Monday, January 29, 2007

Writing is Hard: Business planning

I hate thinking about the business side of writing, but I'm also an overly organized twit and this article about planning your writing year has good advice about setting goals and whatnot. It's all customizable, but I especially like her advice about creating an agency/publisher submission list while you're still writing your novel, and her suggestion for an annual "New Endeavor Goal."

"This is optional. In my business plan, I include one new endeavor goal and one outrageous goal every year. A new endeavor goal, for example, can be anything from writing in a new genre to publishing a promotional e-book. Outrageous goals are things that are usually beyond my means and/or present capabilities, like buying the Hope Diamond or running over to borrow a cup of sugar from Stuart MacBride. I almost always nail the new endeavor goal (six out of seven so far), and almost never the outrageous one (one out of seven to date), but it adds a nice incentive for me to work a little harder and budget myself a little better. One can only depend on so many job offers for work as a jungle-combat mercenary."

She also has a suggested budget for the year that includes stuff that I ordinarily don't think about like printer paper and Internet access. Well worth reading.

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