Thursday, January 11, 2007

Speaking of Rocky

I've been nervous about seeing Rocky Balboa. I just don't want to be taken again in like I was on Rocky IV and V. (I thought Rocky V "didn't suck" for a long time until I realized that was only in comparison to Rocky IV).

My friend Jody though (whom I trust) says to see it if you can leave your cynicism at the door, and I think I can do that. Most of the critics like it. Now Brad Meltzer says he likes it too (and offers his opinions of the other Rocky films by way of comparison). I feel like the one kid on the edge of the pool who's afraid to jump in even though all his friends are in the water encouraging him to do it.

Anyone else wanna throw their two cents in?


West said...

My main concern wasn't that he was stretching the franchise out even further, so much as the fact that he's stretched his face beyond the limitations of suspension of disbelief.

Sly, you're an old guy. Suck it up (and pass the word to Burt Reynolds).

Michael May said...

"Sly, you're an old guy. Suck it up (and pass the word to Burt Reynolds)."

Ha! Thanks for the smile. :)


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