Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Film Crew

Mourn for Mystery Science Theater 3000 no longer. The Film Crew is here.

Mike Nelson (Mike), Bill Corbett (Crow T. Robot), and Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo) have formed The Film Crew in an endeavor to do exactly what they did on MST3K: comment on bad movies as you watch them.

The first DVD will be released in April 2007, but which movie will be on it is determined by a vote on the Film Crew's website. Nominees are The Giant of Marathon, Hollywood After Dark, Killers from Space, and The Wild Women of Wongo. You can check out a couple of minutes of each film (complete with commentary, though sadly lacking silhouettes of the commentators at the bottom of the screen) on the site to help you decide, but why anyone would vote for something besides The Wild Women of Wongo is beyond my capacity to comprehend. Still, the world is full of freaks...


JoeKinski said...

Giant of Marathon seems an odd choice. If you're going to pick up a sword&sandal pic, there are a lot worse ones out there. This one has some beautiful camerawork (Mario Bava AND Jacques Tourneuer!?!?!) and holds togetehr very well. Where's the Maciste?!?!? Wierd!!!!

Michael May said...

Exactly. Wild Women of Wongo!


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