Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wild Cat Books

Just discovered a small-press publisher called Wild Cat Books that specializes in pulp adventure stories. They publish resource books and reprints of old pulp stuff, as well as new tales with classic pulp characters and other stories that are inspired by the genre in general.

I recognize some of the authors who are writing the new pastiches. Ron Fortier, for example, used to do a great webcomic based on the further adventures of the classic Doctor Satan character. And Christopher Mills, who writes the introduction to one of the Captain Hazzard volumes, is an excellent pulp writer himself. Frankly, I'm disappointed not to see his name as an author credit.

Anyway, these deserve further investigation.

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JoeKinski said...

One of the reprints they have is one you need, and I mean NEED to check out - The Monster Men by Edgar Rice Burroughs. To say too much is to say too much ... but you'll thank me later. It's pulpy Island of Dr Moreau, but it's Burroughs so it's not really Moreau .. and it's a lot less pedantic than Wells.. Ha!


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