Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Daniel Boone Day!

Today is Daniel Boone's birthday. He was born in 1734 and thanks to the Fess Parker TV show was one of my childhood heroes. What I don't remember from the TV show was that Boone worked for a guy named Richard Henderson, who'd bought a bunch of land from the Cherokees and wanted to create a new colony from it called Transylvania. Boone explored the land and founded Boonesborough as the potential capital of Transylvania.

Unfortunately for Henderson, Virginia let him know that they already owned the land he'd bought from the Cherokees, which is a cool and funny instance of Native Americans sticking it to the Man for a change. Henderson got some land in compensation for his loss, but that was the end of the American Transylvania.

Still, it could make an interesting story if the American Transylvania was somehow connected with the European one in more than just name and their most famous citizens were to meet...


West said...

A sign of things to come from Michael May Enterprises, Incorporated, Esquire, III, .com?

Michael May said...

Ha! If I can figure out a way to not have it be totally cheesy. But that's a very big If. :)


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