Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Comics: 11/29/06

Little later than usual with this, but out of all the stuff Diamond shipped today, here's the stuff I'm looking forward to getting:

Dark Horse Book of Monsters (eventually)
52 #30
Batman #659
Batman/The Spirit (maybe)
Rush City #3 (featuring Black Canary)
Black Panther #22
Captain America #24
Immortal Iron Fist #1 (Fraction!)
X-Men #193


Anonymous said...


That is the last American Virgin one on my pull sheet. It's a lame lame read.

Oh, looks, Michael... another "vs" book! :)

Michael May said...

Heh. And it's even a "monster" vs. robots one!

Anonymous said...

How is RUSH CITY? I've got my eye on the trade just based on the cool covers.

I got BATMAN/THE SPIRIT. The art is awesome; the writing, not so much.

Michael May said...

Yeah, I passed on Batman/The Spirit. It looked very wordy.

I haven't read the new issue of Rush City yet, but I liked the last one (#2). Even though it was conceived as a car commercial, it's got a real story and adding Black Canary always makes things better. :)

JoeKinski said...

I'm prolly going to get Batman/Spirit in the next few ... it looked liked Dwyer was really channeling the spirit (so to speak) of the Spirit art.

And a lot of the original Spirits are really talk too....


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