Friday, November 17, 2006

To Read: Grave Descend

I don't know what it is, but I am all into the '60s adventure lately. Casino Royale is playing right into that, but it goes much deeper. I've been buying comics from that genre lately and even music that evokes that swinging '60s sound. A lot of my favorite artists right now are guys who paint in a style that reminds me of those cool '60s spy posters.

So, the cover of Grave Descend with its fancy yacht and bikini girl immediately grabbed my attention. The praise lavished on it by Bookgasm puts it on my To Read list:

"...a wrecked yacht creates a mystery that attracts (thank God) all the wrong kinds of people, including our protagonist. If you want to study plotting 101, this is a book you should analyze for setting up a mystery that grows richer with each chapter."

" ...the hero is McGregor, a freelance diver hired to salvage secret cargo from the titular downed yacht, which he’s told went down mysteriously the day prior. Something doesn’t quite (add) up in McG’s mind, however, and when he does some sniffing around a few hours before an agreed-upon, pre-dive helicopter flyover, his suspicions are confirmed: The yacht hasn’t sunk at all."

"John Lange," by the way, is Michael Crichton's old pen-name from the '70s, when this story was first published.

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JoeKinski said...

If you like the 60s adventure feel, try the newest David Dodge one that just came out, The Last Match, also from Hard Case. I'm about half way through it and really digging it. It's one of their previously unpublished ones...


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