Monday, November 27, 2006

Link du Jour: Kelly Sue

The first I ever heard of Kelly Sue DeConnick was in an interview she did with Steve Niles. It was a great, casual, fun read and when she started coming around Steve's message board shortly after, I learned that she was just as great and casual and fun a person, and we became pals.

Kelly Sue used to review graphic novels for (subject of a future Link du Jour even though it's no longer updated), and she helped me develop a working philosophy for just what it is I'm trying to accomplish in my own comics reviews.

She translates manga into English, and it thrills me more than it has a right to that she and I have in common that we've both had short stories published as back-matter in IDW comics. She's also married to one my favorite voices in comics right now: Matt Fraction (whom I'll also be Link du Jouring later on).

At the moment, Kelly Sue's co-writing a 30 Days of Night mini-series with Steve. It's called Eben and Stella and I can't wait to read it. I've always felt that the 30 Days stuff works best as a romance story wrapped in a horror blanket, so it sounds like Kelly Sue's story might play to that strength.


West said...

This sounds interesting, although I've never read 30DoN.

Michael May said...

Obviously, I'm a big fan, but I know better than to recommend it for everyone. The first mini-series is pretty brutal and Templesmith's artwork is dark and chaotic. There's a reason it's billed as a horror book even though I stand by what I said about its heart.

The pacing is also a little weird between the first issue and the next two. It feels like there should have been another issue between #1 and #2.

But the last page makes you forget about any pacing issues. It's one of the most memorable scenes I've ever read in a comic.

And the sequel, Dark Days, is in my top five favorite mini-series of all time. It's longer, so it doesn't have the trouble with pacing, and the romance angle gets a lot more complicated and interesting.

Kelly Sue said...


Thanks, Micheal.


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