Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Link du Jour: Edgar Rice Burroughs at Scifan

I'm not so much an Edgar Rice Burroughs fan as I am a Tarzan fan. I gave Princess of Mars a couple of shots, but it never captured my imagination like the idea of a savage wildman with the breeding and manners of an English Lord. Tarzan's like the ultimate superhero with his amazing abilities and dual lifestyles, but he's tough enough that he doesn't need a costume or a secret identity. He can defend his loved ones just fine without having to hide them behind a disguise. Plus, he's always running into hot jungle babes and some lost civilization or other and I'm a total sucker for both of those things.

Which reminds me that I need to try At the Earth's Core one of these days. I also dig dinosaurs.

At any rate, Scifan's Edgar Rice Burroughs page has a great, chronological bibliography of his stuff, plus links to other ERB sites, so it's a valuable resource for anyone into Burroughs' stuff, or even just part of it.


-Keller said...

Burroughs is a horrible writer and I know that cause I've read a ton of his horrible writing. It's bad, bad, bad... and entertaining. My favorite is the Pellucidar series (At the Earth's Core). They have their weak points structually, but most Burroughs books do. Actually, it's kinda funny. Here is the plot to almost all Pellucidar books. Someone has been stranded in Pellucidar and a group is sent to find them. They get there, split up and have many adventures. One group actually finds the guy they were looking for. In the last 10 pages all groups meet back up and leave Pellucidar, all except one guy who at the begging of the next book is the guy they are searching for.

Anonymous said...

I really must admit to being a rather long-time fan of Burroughs.
There is very little of his work I've not read.
If you liked Pellucidar, I'd very much recommend writer Lin Carter's Zanthadon Series.
It is very much in line with Burroughs' Pellucidar but, with an adult flair.
~Mark said...

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Anonymous said...

Burroughs was not above stealing his ideas from other popular writers; but when he did so, he generally told a better story than the original.

The only thing that could ruin a Burroughs story was if you had actually traveled to the locations about which he wrote. He never went to Africa, so his mythical concept of the Dark Continent bears absolutely no relation to what Africa really was like in the early 1900's.

Michael May said...

Yeah, I think a pleasure trip to Africa would only disappoint. I'd be asking my tour guide to take me to Opar.

Anonymous said...

I like better Sir Henry Rider Haggard`s KING SOLOMON`S MINES and SHE


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