Monday, October 12, 2009

FallCon Non-Report

I got home from FallCon last night and went straight to the computer to download photos and write a report. That's when I realized that I've misplaced the USB cord for my camera. Fortunately, Grant Gould took this picture of the Cownt Tales crew, so I can at least pretty up this post, but I've got to have my pictures in order to tell you about the rest. If I can't find my cord in the next couple of days, I'll buy a new one. In the meantime: there are two things I need to say.

First, Cownt Tales did really well. Not "hotcakes" well, but not too shabby. Certainly the most successful thing I've ever had at a show. We had lots of people who were interested and delighted with the book, including several who showed up at the table specifically because we'd promised them a Cownt comic for this show back at MicroCon last Spring. I'm thrilled that we were able to fulfill that promise, even though it meant self-publishing this issue. We do have some books left though, so I'll do another post later about how to get a copy once I've figured out the details. We'll also have copies available on IndyPlanet, but that's not completely set up yet either. Stay tuned.

Second, I was pleasantly surprised at how many readers of this blog showed up to say hi. Totally made my weekend. You guys rule. I'll share a couple of those stories and the rest of it soon.
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