Friday, October 11, 2013

Ground to a Pulp card set on Kickstarter

I don't usually talk about other people's Kickstarter campaigns on this blog, but it's not because I have anything against doing that. I just don't typically think to blog about them. But Evan Driscoll of Studio Hades has a unique project that deserves some extra attention even though he's blown past his goal.

I'm embedding the Kickstarter video below, but basically Driscoll is creating a set of retro, '30s-inspired bubble gum cards featuring pulp heroes and sports stars from the era. As he hits stretch goals, he's adding cards to the base set, so a C'thulhu card has already been unlocked and with just under a week left in the campaign, there's a Phantom card on the line if additional backers pledge less than $300.

Anyway, check out the video and the Kickstarter page. There are some great reward levels and I'm sure this is right in the wheelhouse of a lot of people who read this blog.

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