Thursday, October 31, 2013

31 Werewolves | Red


And here we are at the end, back where we began with Little Red Riding Hood. Only in ABC's Once Upon a Time she's not so little. And - SEASON ONE SPOILER - she's also the Big Bad Wolf. I have mixed feelings about Once Upon a Time, but making Red a werewolf was a genius move and she's easily my favorite character on the show. I've only seen about halfway into Season Two, but so far she's one of the more surprising characters (and not just because she occasionally gets hairy) and there's plenty to like and root for about her.

Thanks for reading along this month and a special thanks to those of you who shared your own thoughts with me here and on Twitter. If you enjoyed 31 Werewolves, be sure to dive into my pal Pax's werewolf month from a couple of Halloweens ago. We covered some of the same stuff, but from different angles and there's plenty there that I didn't mention.

And speaking of things I didn't mention, I'd love it if you shared some of your favorite werewolves with me that I didn't have room for. Doing this has made me want to finally check out some werewolf stuff that I've been meaning to get to for a while and I'd love to add to that list with your suggestions.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Red was the Wolf? WHAT A TWIST!

This is may be another "Geek Confession" as this is another genre show that I've never seen. Between the recent excess of fairy tale movies and the premise that seemed to rip off "Fables", I just wasn't interested. However the current promotional seem to suggest that its moved past that particular phase and may be worth looking into.

Kelly Sedinger said...

That show makes me so crazy. Sometimes its writing is absolute brilliance, and other times you want to find the writers and beat them with a sack full of batteries.

Season three is off to a pretty strong start, though.

Michael May said...

There's some stuff about Once Upon a Time that I don't like, too, but I mostly enjoy it. The pilot's pretty representative of the rest of the series, so I suggest giving it that one episode and seeing if it's your bag.

Michael May said...

Kelly, I think you and I were commenting at the same time, so that last one from me was directed at Erik. I completely agree about the unevenness of the writing. Good to hear that Season Three's doing okay.

Are you watching the Wonderland spinoff? I haven't seen any of it, so I'm wondering if it's good.


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