Friday, October 11, 2013

31 Werewolves | Man-Wolf

I'm not sure why Marvel needed another werewolf character only a year after the introduction of Werewolf by Night, but they did and I'm glad. Even if Man-Wolf isn't a supernatural creature, but a pseudo-scientifiction version.

J. Jonah Jameson's astronaut son John had been around since Amazing Spider-Man #1 and got into a couple of scrapes with the web-slinger before he turned into the Man-Wolf in #124. On a secret mission to the moon, young Jameson discovered a red gem and felt compelled to possess it. Though he turned it in after the mission, he went back for it and made it into a pendant. On the next full moon, the gem reacted with the moonlight and caused Jameson to transform, while also fusing to Jameson's throat, so that he couldn't remove it.

Thanks to the intervention of Spider-Man and other Marvel heroes, Jameson has periodically been freed of the curse, but of course it always ends up coming back to him. He's been a steady fixture in the Marvel Universe and was even briefly married to She-Hulk.


John D. said...

I had the *audio* read-a-long version of this comic:

Paxton said...

Yeah, I love Man-Wolf. I too had the audio version and I think either I or my friend Steve had the Man Wolf story in a giant treasury sized comic.


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