Sunday, October 27, 2013

31 Werewolves | Bigby Wolf

As we head into the final stretch of the Halloween Countdown, it feels appropriate to circle back around to where we started with "Little Red Riding Hood." Bill Willingham's Fables series is all about bringing fairy tale characters into the modern world and his version of the Big Bad Wolf is a grumpy and frumpled, but extremely dangerous werewolf named Bigby (get it?).

As the series opens, Bigby is serving as the sheriff of Fabletown, the community of fairy tale characters hiding in plain sight in their own section of New York. He reminds me a bit of Wolverine as written by Chris Claremont: sullen and feral, but also fiercely loyal and dependable. And because he's owned by his creator, there's no chance that some other writer is going to come along later and ruin him. Fables is an excellent series and Bigby Wolf is a crucial part of making it so.

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