Tuesday, October 29, 2013

31 Werewolves | The Astounding Wolf-Man

Dell may have failed to create a proper werewolf-superhero in the '60s, but Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard corrected the oversight in 2007. Kirkman - creator of The Walking Dead and a big fan of horror - came up with the idea of a man who's bitten by a werewolf, but determines to use his new abilities for good.

The man in question is named Gary Hampton and at first his story follows typical werewolf tropes as he's attacked while on vacation with his family in Montana. But then Hampton meets a vampire named Zechariah who offers to help Hampton control his werewolf form and save people rather than hurt them. Because it's a Kirkman comic, it doesn't stay that simple for long and there are lots of twists and turns as Kirkman and Howard marry superhero soap opera with genuine horror.

The series lasted 25 issues, but the character is part of the same world as Kirkman's Invincible and continues showing up in series like Phil Hester and Todd Nauck's Invincible Universe.

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Paxton said...

I LOVE THIS COMIC! This was the series that got me back into comic reading in the early 2000s after having lapsed in the 90s. And it introduced me to Robert Kirkman.

Such a great series. Has there been any more bad ass a werewolf than the Elder Wolf? I think not.

Glad you included this.


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