Saturday, October 26, 2013

31 Werewolves | Wolf Lake

I remember being very excited about the possibilities of Wolf Lake when it premiered in 2001. I always look forward to a new role by Lou Diamond Phillips (if you haven't watched Longmire on A&E, you're missing out) and loved the ambition of a series devoted entirely to werewolves.

Set in a small town in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, Wolf Lake follows a police detective (Phillips) as he investigates the brutal murder of his girlfriend. Realizing she had some secrets, he moves to her hometown of Wolf Lake, Washington and learns that the place is crawling with werewolves.

Though it had some awesome people in its cast, including Graham Greene (Maverick, Die Hard With a Vengeance) and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Live Free or Die Hard, Scott Pilgrim vs. the Word), Wolf Lake was more soapy than scary. It only lasted five episodes on CBS, though UPN later acquired the rights and re-ran those five plus four more that CBS never aired. I don't have a fond impression of the show, but it's such a great concept that I'd love to revisit it one of these days and figure out for sure what went wrong.


Wings1295 said...

Maybe it hit before the new love for werewolves?

Michael May said...

That's an interesting point. I wonder if someone could revisit the concept successfully now, like with the new Teen Wolf.

Paxton said...

Yeah, I revisted this how for my own werewolf Halloween countdown. I don't mind a soapy show, but a soapy werewolf show that RARELY if ever shows the werewolves isn't good. Plus the dialogue is crap.

The idea of this show is so much better than the execution. It's a shame, I was on this show's side until I actually watched it.



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