Tuesday, July 09, 2013

I'm helping make a Bigfoot movie

My brother, Mark May, is a talented film editor whose work you may know from such hits as the Kill All Monsters Kickstarter video. He's now working on his first short film, a Bigfoot movie called Coon Creek. It started as a small project: a serialized feature starring his kids that he could send to our parents who are currently living in Haiti. It's grown over time to become a bona fide short film, though. It'll still star his kids, but it's more than just a fun vanity project now. I've read Mark's script and its spooky, funny, clever, and just really good. I've also seen the Bigfoot costume and... wow.

Mark's asked me to be involved as an executive producer (which mostly involves proofreading the script and helping brainstorm ideas, both during the development process and on set), so that's pretty cool. The point is: I'm now helping to produce a Bigfoot movie. One more off the Bucket List.

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