Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bigfoot movie update

So last weekend, we started shooting Coon Creek, the Bigfoot movie my brother Mark wrote and is directing. That's my other brother Matt in the foreground above, studying his lines. He's playing a trapper as well as creating the score for the movie. In the back is Mark and two of his kids. Sawyer's in white and plays a reporter investigating Bigfoot reports. Kevin's wearing black and is the sound guy, but also plays an important character. I got in front of the camera too for a cameo as Hunter #3.

I mentioned before that the inspiration for this was a couple of short skits that Mark and the kids shot as part of a monthly update they created for my folks. He's created a Minnesota Update blog to share them (along with outtakes and other behind-the-scenes stuff), but here are the two Bigfoot episodes.

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