Thursday, July 25, 2013

Daily Panel | Lois is all wet

Superman pulls Lois out of a watery death trap that the crooked politician threw her into.

I like how they sound like comrades. For once, he's not chastising her for getting into trouble and she's not drooling all over him. He hasn't been playing Clark as such a pathetic coward lately, which I'm guessing is why Lois has been interested in Clark more. As Clark and Superman move closer together, it's making the romantic "triangle" less weird. Lois may be redirecting some of her interest in Superman towards Clark, which makes Superman feel more comfortable around her.

Not that it was ever her problem to begin with. He created it when he set up the radically different, dual identities. Her response to them was pretty healthy. And as those identities become less different, her responses to them become less dramatic as well.

[From a 1939 Superman newspaper strip by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.]

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