Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kickstart All Monsters!

Yesterday, Jason and I launched the Kickstarter campaign for the print edition of Kill All Monsters, Volume 1: Ruins of Paris. It was a crazy, wonderful day and beyond our wildest expectations the support came through and we reached our goal in about twelve-and-a-half hours. We cannot possibly express our gratitude toward all who've pledged so far, but we hope that the books, T-shirts, and prints at the various pledge levels will help a little.

We mainly used Twitter and Facebook to get the word out in Day 1, but we were helped a lot by Kickstarter's making us a Staff Pick and I'm sure by getting mentioned on the MTV Geek blog. That was an amazing surprise and many thanks to Charles Webb for writing about us. I sent out press releases yesterday, so hopefully we'll see some other sites covering it soon as well.

As awesome as that is, we can still use more help. The more we raise, the bigger our print run can be and the better shape we'll be in as we head into production on Volume 2. We'd love for you to pledge if you can, but even if that's not possible right now, we'd love it so much if you could just help us continue to spread the word. I really believe in this book. I think it's a cool story, but if nothing else, Jason's art is absolutely gorgeous. I want as many people to know about it as possible.


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