Monday, January 24, 2011

Somewhere I Want to Visit: Three places in Europe

Can't believe I'm almost done with Calvin's List.

There are a handful of places I want to visit before I die.


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I don't know where the Mays come from. We've been in the US going back to Colonial days and no one in my family has been able to trace us back across the Atlantic. Growing up, I'd always heard that we were Welsh, but there's no hard evidence for that and I know that there are also French and German Mays. My favorite theory though is that we're Scots. There was a May sept of the MacDonald clan, so - lacking any proof to the contrary - that's who I claim.

It fits well with my mom's side of the family, anyway. Her father was a McGee and her mom was a Macoy, so there's not a lot of question about the kind of blood I inherited from her. I've never been to Europe, but when I do, there's no question either about where my first stop will be.


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As long as I'm in Britain, I'll have to visit the hometown of so many of my favorite literary heroes.


Photo from Willy Gommel's Third Domain Home Page.

Because I was an Anglophile for so many years, I grew up not really appreciating the French. Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, and Gaston Leroux changed that though and I really want to spend time in Paris visiting literary sites and eating eclairs.

Those three places are the short list. There are plenty of other spots I'd also love to see. Diane's set on Italy, for instance, and I can't imagine having a bad time there myself. I'd stick the Caribbean on here too, but that couldn't really be considered a "visit." Once I get there, no one's going to be able to make me leave.

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Unknown said...

I think those are all pretty high on my list too. I'd like to visit Easter Island someday as well.

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