Monday, January 17, 2011

Art Show: Where do all the Croco-People go?

Love at First Sight

By Mattias Adolfsson. This is just a detail. Click the link to see the whole thing.


By Dave Barking.

Namor vs. Shagreen

The artist is keeping anonymous, but he or she blogs at Marvel Flipside.

Rusty Recon on Gear Island

By Jeremy Vanhoozer.


By Mead Schaeffer. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]


By Lorenzo Etherington.


By Burne Hogarth. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Judy of the Jungle

By Alex Schomburg. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Noble Beasts

By Berni Wrightson. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

By Tony Semedo.

Crab Men

By Larry Todd. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]


By Kelly Freas. [Pulp of the Day]

By Mattias Adolfsson.

By Patrick Schoenmaker. Click the link to see the whole thing. Two whole things, actually.

The Bridge of Light

By Edd Cartier. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

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