Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Drawing by Diane May

This week's item from Calvin's List simply asks for "A Drawing." It doesn't specify who the drawing should be by, but I expect it wants one from whomever's completing the list. You don't need to see my scribbles, but I didn't want to post a drawing by just anyone. I do plenty of that every week already and the idea behind going through the List is to share more personal information than I usually do.

So here's a drawing by my wife, Diane: a scene from the summer camp she went to as a kid. She does one of these every year and donates it to the camp's annual fundraiser auction.


alex-ness said...

that pic is incredibly kick ass.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Since I cannot express my own opinion in the proper manner. I've hired a professional thespian to speak on my behalf.

Jason Copland said...

Wow! She's very talented! You should get her to draw a comic with you!

Michael May said...

Working on that. :)

Sam G said...

Damn good.


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