Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Art Show: Alacazam!


By Ian Churchill. [Out in Rows]

By Gene Gonzales.

By Oliver Wetter. [Pink of the Ink]


By Samax Amen.

Harry and Hermi

By Tsulala. [Pink of the Ink]

Mary Marvel

By Todd Nauck. [Big Shiny Robot!]

Wonder Woman

By Aaron Lopresti. [iFanboy]

Thor Girl

By Adam Hughes. [Thanks to Jess Hickman for showing me this!]


By Katie Cook. [You know, in naming this file it occurred to me that Death Cook would be an awesome name for a superhero.]


Siskoid said...

It's nice to see the spirit of Thorina lives on!

Siskoid said...

Or Thordis, which I think is her actual name.

Michael May said...

They should put her in Thor 2. Played by Thora Birch, of course.


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