Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kill All Monsters! Interview

Speaking of Ian, he interviewed Jason and I for Review2aKill and the first half of the conversation was posted today. We talked about how Jason and I met and the origin of the comic. Tomorrow: I share my recipe for Taco Salad (or we talk more about giant monsters; you'll have to tune in to find out).


Ken O said...

Looking forward to pictures of monsters eating Taco Salad.
Seriously, looks very cool. I'm excited.
My luck with webcomics is so bad not only are the ones that I've tried to launch are dead, but every webcomic I blogged about folded up just after I mentioned them.

Michael May said...

Hopefully we'll break that pattern for you. We've got a nice backlog going into it and Jason's very professional about only taking on projects that he can actually handle. KAM is his main focus right now.

Ken O said...

Can't wait for the KAM. Hope the first comment didn't sound dick-y, that wasn't the intent.

Michael May said...

No, not at all! You brought up a great point that I hadn't thought of. A lot of webcomics are done as side projects to the creators' paying work. You gave me the opportunity to clarify that that's not how Jason and I are approaching this, which I really appreciate.


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