Monday, November 15, 2010

Kill All Monsters! starts Friday (also, we have a Website)

Two Very Cool Things:

First, Review 2 A Kill has announced the Kill All Monsters! launch date and it's this Friday, November 19. If you want to be all proactive, you could go ahead and set up your RSS feed now. That way you'll catch all the R2AK build-up like a two-part interview with me and Jason about the comic. Or - if you're a slacker like me - you could wait for me to link to all this stuff. 'Cause I'll be sure to do that too.

The other Very Cool Thing is that Jason and I launched the Kill All Monsters website today. As I said in my Intro post there, "It’s part production-blog, so you’ll see updates about the comic, but Jason and I agree that production blogs can get pretty dull if that’s all they are. That’s why I want to use it as a portal for all things giant: monsters and robots alike. We’ll link to cool art, talk about movies, maybe review some books… If it’s got giant monsters and/or robots in it, it’s fair game."

This is getting real.

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