Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quotes of the Week: My mother lives in Hackensack

Was the "gravitas" of Richard Donner's Superman best expressed by Otis walking along screwing things up to the "Oafish Idiot" theme music? Or was that gravitas at its height when Valerie Perrine begged Superman to save Hackensack, New Jersey? Perhaps that "weight that no other superhero film really has" came from Luthor murdering a Metropolis police detective in cold blood and then the film immediately ignoring that for his comedy real estate scheme (which was such a great idea they recycled it for Superman Returns).

Yeah, The Dark Knight had no gravitas or weight compared to that.

--Snell, responding to Green Lantern screenwriter Greg Berlanti's comment that no other superhero film has had gravitas or weight "except for all the way back to Donner's Superman."

...everyone needs to stop using the word EPIC in place of the word GOOD.

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Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

During my senior year in college I had the previlege of befriending a Chinese exchange student called Shelly.

One day I during a break in the lecture, I pulled a Superman comic out of my backpack. Shelly, curious about the iconic character, started asking me questions about the hero, as best she could in limited English.

"Who decides that he is Superman?"

I tried my best to explain that he was the last survivor of the planet Krypton and that exposure to the sun gave him incredible strength and power. However I ran into something of a problem as I was reading an issue of the Return of the Kandorians Storyline, which not only had hundreds of other supermen, but featured Supergirl quite prominently, which was tough on that whole "sole survivor" bit.

I reflected upon trying to explain the whole thing, I said "You know, when I say it out loud it sounds almost silly." Thats kinda how I feel after reading that quote.


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