Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Return of Xombi

I said something earlier about BPRD's being the best horror comic ever made. I love that series, but there may have been some hyperbole going on in that statement. Certainly BPRD benefits from being so long-running in addition to the rest of its awesomeness. Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, and Guy Davis have had a lot of time to include tons of fantastic ideas. There are other excellent horror comics that also are strong contenders for my favorite spot, but for various reasons don't have the benefit of the sheer quantity that BPRD's put out. I could name a few Steve Niles books, for instance. And I'd certainly list two John Rozum series: Midnight, Mass. and Xombi.

I've been planning to revisit Xombi for a while now. I just need to dig my Milestone collection out of storage in order to do it and that's a bigger feat than you know. But I'm going to have to get serious about it with the new series returning in February. I've been aching for more Xombi ever since DC first announced it was re-introducing the Milestone characters to its Universe. The news that it's finally coming needs to be celebrated.

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