Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Banners: Thanks, Ian!

I got a cool, unexpected email last night from Review2AKill's Ian Explosivo. He'd noticed that I've been playing with banners and rotating through some, so he made a few himself and wanted to see if I'd like to use them.

They're WAY cooler than any I've done. I mean just look at the font and that gun for the L in the one above. The other two are awesome too, but I'm going to rotate through these a bit more slowly than I've been doing. I want to look at each of them longer.

Thanks, Ian! 

[If anyone else wants to play with an Adventureblog banner and send it in, I'll be happy to run it too. I can't pay anything, but I'll be sure to mention you when I use it. The size should be 800 x 150.]


Siskoid said...

I love it!

Especially how it makes me feel that I'm living in the future!

2010: It's the year we make contact!

Michael May said...

Thanks! I still love the one you made too. Just need to figure out how I can make it work at 800x150 without stretching it out of shape. :)

Siskoid said...

I may have the original layers at work. Let me check if I can convert it for you.

Michael May said...

That would be great! Thanks!

Siskoid said...

Done and done!

Check your inbox for some Adventureblog magic.

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