Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Robert Louis Stevenson Day!

Robert Louis Stevenson would've been 160 today. Google even made a special logo for the occasion. Since it's probably a bit late to start planning your celebration, just interject a few good "Arrrs" into conversation wherever you are tonight.

Either that or drink a strange concoction and get wild.


Wings1295 said...


Kal said...

I loved the show Crusoe. The island centered stories benefitted byt the flashbacks and conspiracy that filled in the backstory of how Robinson got to the island. Cool pirate villains, great sidekick in Friday and the best treehouse ever. I loved the inventions and their pre-steampunk ingenuity. I wish it would have lasted more than the year it did. It might have been tough to fill five years of stories but they didn't need to keep him on the island forever. I see it still on TV here so I catch the repeats often. I like it more each time I do. All the actors are very appealling characters.

Michael May said...

I couldn't agree more, Cal. I watched that show faithfully when it was on and have been meaning to pick up the DVDs so I could watch it again (and again and again). Thanks for reminding me!


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