Saturday, November 06, 2010

Quotes of the Week: Robert Wagner fighting with an octopus

This Is Very Much the Droid I Was Looking For.
--Rob Bricken, referring to the image above.

Let it be stated now: I am not down with octopi. I am not a fan of slithery 8-armed critters from the depths of the seas. My parents took me to see the movie Beneath The 12-Mile Reef when I was a kid, and Robert Wagner fighting with an octopus made up my mind for me. I let the octos stay where they are, and I stay away from them. I can't even look at them in an aquarium.
--Pappy, preaching it loud brother.

I clarified: "There is Flash Gordon, and there is also The Flash, and they are different."

"It is as if," he said, "you were saying to me, 'Wait, there are dogs, but there are also cats, and they are different?'"
--Linda Holmes, who's usually much more pop-savvy than this.

Superheroes are not comic-book characters. They're characters in movies and TV shows. If superheroes or superhero-like characters appear in a comic, that's cool, but it's not what comics are generally about. The Umbrella Academy, for example, is a fantasy story, kind of a goth Harry Potter, about a group of kids born with strange powers who are trained to use those powers at a private school run by a mysterious old man. It's not a superhero comic. The X-Men? Oh, I used to love that show!
--Shaenon K. Garrity, on the future of comics.

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Ken O said...

(I clarified: "There is Flash Gordon, and there is also The Flash, and they are different.")

After having my Flash shirt called Flash Gordon for like the 4th time in one day, I totally made a field guide to help with that.


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