Thursday, July 22, 2010

Writing is Hard: Self-Publishing Ebooks and Feeding Your Family Too

Writer JA Konrath has been championing the advantages of self-publishing your own ebooks for a while now, having raked in a ton of money himself that way. Because I'm interested in the publishing industry and where it's headed, I've been following his posts with a lot of curiosity. I just haven't linked to them because I don't have a novel I'm trying to get published or any other dog in this particular hunt. Not yet anyway.

But I'd like to one day and I figure that I'm going to want to remember his detailed advice on How to Make Money on Ebooks.


Ken O said...

I'll have to check it out. I have my novel finished. Then chickened out before sending a proposal to a Lit Agent.

Darius Whiteplume said...

People bad mouth the Kindle, but I love mine.

I have wondered about the rights to republish to print if you release on an e platform. I guess if you own the rights, you can do what thou wilt. A Tweet friend of mine uses Lulu. I believe they print on demand, but not sure what the specifics for authors is.

Michael May said...

I've got some friends who use Lulu too to publish comics and love it. For a larger book, it's a viable option. I looked into it for the Cownt, but printing a single-issue comic was too expensive. The only way I could have made a profit would've been to jack the price up a lot higher than anyone would've wanted to pay for it.

For printed prose stories, I think I'd still pursue an agent and a NY publisher, but Konrath's got me very encouraged about skipping print altogether (at least initially) and going straight to digital. Cutting out printing costs is huge if you can successfully sell the book electronically.

Rich said...

so, who's the owman on the beach?

Michael May said...

Just someone reading a Kindle. It's official marketing material from Amazon.


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