Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Room

It's been a couple of weeks since I did one of these items from Calvin's list, but that's only partly because I went on vacation. I've been dreading having to show you my room. In fact, I thought about just taking pictures of my bedroom because it's much prettier, but that's not really my room. I share it with Diane, which is precisely why it's so much more brightly colored, coordinated, and has way cooler furniture. This room - my office/library - is all mine and you should know that I'm appropriately embarrassed to be showing it to you.

You can see the clutter before you even go into the room. Sitting on top of the filing cabinet are CDs that need to be transferred into iTunes. The "Please Don't Open Door" sign is to keep David's friends out when they come over. I'd hate for a pile of comics to fall over and kill one of them.

It gets worse after the break.

This is the one bookshelf that's actually organized. It's behind the door so you can't see it when you're looking into the room.

The door to the closet. AKA, the place where I pile all my convention stuff between shows. Also, dig that crazy wood paneling. A previous owner updated the room with that on two walls and some "interesting" wallpaper on the other two.

They'd also installed some nice shag carpeting, but that came up pretty easily and the hardwood floors were perfect underneath. Ripping up carpet is my one contribution to improving the space.

Inside the closet. Stacks of comics on top of boxes of comics. And some office supplies.

Still in the closet: more boxes of comics and a shelf full of what used to be my Review Pile. I still plan on reading and reviewing these comics some day.

My snazzy, pheasant-print reading chair with my current reading pile. Also, the back side of my desk and what probably constitutes a fire hazard underneath.

Typical bookshelves in need of straightening. I can find anything on them, but no one else can.

My desk. On the left is the giant pile of stuff I need to write about. On the left is another tower of CDs waiting for download.

Behind the desk are books that I need to donate or sell.

On the left are recently transferred CDs in need of reintegration with their buddies on the music shelf downstairs. On the right are Christmas Carol adaptations for the Old Sinner blog.

Part of my desk. I'm creating my own little Justice League of Amazons. Hellboy and Barnaby are honorary members. Yes, that candy cane is from last Christmas.

The dagger is kind of cool though. It was given to me as a gift before Spider-Man 2 came out, but Harry uses a duplicate of it in the scene where he's wanting to kill Spidey.

So that's the tour, for whatever it's worth. I should really get off the computer now and do some straightening, but we all know I'm not going to.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Holy Crap that is some gorgeous stuff. We even have that SAME DESIGN OF CHAIR!!! The one with the flowers. I could spend a week in there just reading from your bookcase and I love the little extras you have laying around. I think I will go down and do the sam thing.

Ken O said...

I know all about CDs needing to get converted onto the pc. Mine are all in my Truck.

I've gotten rid of almost all of my long boxes now too. Sold the last two the other month. All the single issue stuff I own is Flash related of a few other odd things that I wanted to hold on to.

I was on shelf porn this week. These are my pics. It is only of the reading room, nothing in the office area.

Michael May said...

Aw, thanks, Cal! It's true: I never run out of stuff to do in here. Which is why it looks the way it looks. :)

Ken, that was you?! I should've known from all the Flash stuff, but I wasn't paying attention when JK mentioned your name. Nice digs!

Cal, you should totally submit pictures to Robot 6's Shelf Porn feature too.

John Rozum said...

Okay. Now I don't feel so bad about the perpetual state of my office. Mine's almost as bad though, and the office I had in our previous house was about 10 times worse.

Because I recently started a companion blog aimed specifically at kids interested in how comics are made ( ) and one of the most common questions I get is about whether I get to work from home or not, and what my work space looks like, I feel compelled to give it some serious tidying before I post pictures.


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