Friday, July 23, 2010

Art Show: He's Worth a Lot More to Me Played With

Monkey Island

By Otis Frampton.

Under the Sea

By Nino Carbe. [The Comics Reporter]

Oil Spill Aquaman

By Kate Beaton. You should hit that link and read the cartoon about the jester too. That one makes me LOL every time I read it.

After the break: Jack Torrance arrives at the Overlook Hotel and meets Wonder Woman, Isis, Cleo, Bender, Mysta of the Moon, and Buzz Fettyear.

The Shining

By Carlos Ramos. [/Film]

Wonder Woman

By JH Williams III [Robot 6]

Oh Mighty Isis!

By Gene Gonzales.

Cleopatra in Space

By Mike Maihack.

If Miyazaki Directed Futurama

By Boulet. [/Film]

Mysta of the Moon

By Joe Doolin. [Sleestak has a ton of these covers at his Flickr account.]

Buzz Fettyear

By Sillof, who's created mash-ups of lots of other Pixar and Star Wars characters too.


davor said...

Kate Beaton is my hero!!!!! I'll not sully your upstanding blog by including more exclamation points than that.

Michael May said...

Mine too. And one of the only people worthy of so many punctuation marks. :D


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