Monday, July 26, 2010

Art Show: The Fantastic Night of Terror that Menaced the Fate of the World!

Onward through the Mangroves

By Chris Turnham.

The Abominable Charles Christopher

By Katie Cook.

Monsters and Heroes

By Larry Ivie. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

After the break: a giant insect, Avengers, Batgirl, Black Widow, Wonder Woman, and some space girls.

Giant Mantis Attack!

By Erle Bergey. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Avengers Assemble!

By Art Adams. [Giant-Size Marvel]


By Melody Moore. [Pink of the Ink]

Black Widow

Artist Unknown. [Pink of the Ink]

The All-New Wonder Woman

By Mike Maihack.


By Ron Conley.

Devil Girl from Mars

Artist Unknown. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]


Ken O said...

Katie Cook, Mike Maihack, and Charles Christopher? That sir is a line up of win.

Michael May said...

And you have excellent taste. :)


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